About Quinn

"I have a passionate interest in the wonders of our amazing bodies and the fulfilment of our own unique human potential"

Dear Fellow Life Voyager

My journey into the healing arts started in my late teens after I was initiated into a traditional Thai hands on healing system while I was travelling in Thailand. Although, nutrition was always something that interested me growing up.

After starting to play the guitar at age 13 I developed new found confidence in myself. I practised away with passionate commitment to develop the skill. Over the years I've played guitar with many musicians and in bands, creating music that I loved.

My guitar playing also became an escape for me. My mid to late teens was a severely stressful time, witnessing the distress mental illness can bring. During that time my own health was straining reducing my ability to really express myself. I felt this potential within me that I couldn't quite access. I found this incredibly frustrating.

This continued and during much of my twenties I experienced this subtle but sometimes intense feeling of imbalance in my body. I thought it was just my body compensating from the stress I experienced earlier on in life that I had suppressed within me. I searched for answers and ways to improve my health.

I delved into energy healing and metaphysical wisdom traditions seeking understanding and resolution. This was a very valuable time, working on many different layers of myself. However, I didn't fully understand the many other influences affecting my health. Like many of my peers I enjoyed drinking and taking drugs as I felt it helped me more easily and freely express myself. Many times it really did help me connect with people and experience some sense of normality. However, in time I found it threw me increasingly out of balance.

I continued on my search by following the golden thread of interest eventually focusing on nutrition and detoxification. After applying what I learned I made massive improvements in my energy and mental clarity. With the physical improvement, I was more able to deal with emotional cleansing and I felt lighter and lighter. My health continued to improve and I was feeling much more settled. However, this niggling feeling inside still pervaded my being.

I was still dipping into depression, anxiety and fatigue for no apparent reason. Episodes of mental confusion became slightly disconcerting but overall I was feeling pretty healthy and I looked well. I eventually decided to get some blood tests done just to check some levels.

The tests came back with some surprising results. I was moderately anaemic with low white cells blood counts, reduced kidney function and low thyroid. I was actually quite excited to have something show up after all that time. Further investigations including bone marrow biopsy and liver biopsy, led to a diagnosis of the rare genetic condition, Wilson's Disease. In me, it had caused severe liver fibrosis and some neurological damage.

This was quite a revelation to me as it is clearly a major contributory factor for many of the symptoms I had experienced over my life. Essentially since my birth, I am unable to transport the highly reactive trace mineral copper around my body safely. Overtime, copper levels built up in many of my organs damaging their cells. With targeted nutritional, herbal and naturopathic support, cleansing and energy work I feel that I'm really coming back to life. I am so grateful to have learnt to support my body so well over the years, to have avoided more permanent damage, as many others experience. The journey to really unfold and express myself is definitely the most exciting one.

I am so passionate about understanding our dynamic bodies and to share what I’ve learned and continue to learn over the years. I hope to connect with you sometime.

Here's a quick list of some of the things I love to learn about:

Unified Field Physics, Zero Point Energy, Marma Therapy, Body Work, Our Human Biocrystal, Herbal medicine, Nutrition, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Cosmology, Living foods, Human Potential, Taoism, Super foods, Detoxification, Energy Healing, Liquid Crystalline Water, Cellular Biology, Personnel Development, Biophotons, Bioelectricity, Painting, Musicianship, History and Bioenergetics. 

I also love learning about and experiencing all the mysteries, synchronicities and magic in life.                                                                                                                                                                                    




 Quinn's Kayser Fleischer Copper Ring




"Food for the body is not enough,

there must be food for the soul"

                                                                Dorothy Day

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