Would you like a Rejuvenating Energy Healing using Vital Energy Points, Integrated with Deeply Relaxing Head and Hand Massage.

During a session, I use a uniquely crafted spectrum of healing touch and a open presence to allow your body to release stress and tension.

This can create an opening to receive fresh energy from what some call the unified field. This field, matrix or source intelligence, makes up everything in the universe.

After I learned a traditional hand on healing therapy similar in style to Reiki while I was in Thailand at age 18, my exploratory fascination with the healing arts began. 

Elements of my approach have also been inspired after experiencing traditional Ayurvedic Healing Arts while in India in 2015. While in India, I was introduced to 'Gentle Marma' Point Therapy. 'Marma points' being vital energy centres found on our body matrix. 

By using a sensitive touch and intention, these points are described as portals to activate cellular intelligence to support greater balance and harmony. I just act as a facilitator and conduit to guide the energetic information in a harmonious way so it can be received most receptively.

The first session would be focused on relaxation and allowing the body to let go of built up tension.

I'm offering these 1 on 1 Energy Healing Sessions in the Glastonbury area.

Location - Hare on the Hill, Glastonbury.

What to expect:

  • At the start of your session I will run through a few questions so we can craft a treatment plan together
  • The treatment is performed while lying on a couch with a blanket covering your torso and legs as required
  • One arm at a time will be uncovered for a soothing arm and hand massage
  • It is best to wear a sleeveless top so I can more easily work on you arms and shoulders
  • A suitable massage oil will be chosen to match your body type
  • The hands are followed by neck, head and facial massage using the vital energy points
  • Time will be given at the end for some breathing to integrate the energy work

Note- Some oil may get in your hair during the head massage. The treatment can be adapted so this is minimised if that is preferable.

How to prepare for a session

  • Avoid heavy meals before treatment
  • To support a relaxed nervous system response, its best to avoid strongly stimulating drinks such as coffee, black tea or green tea before hand
  • Its best to be well hydrated to optimise effects
  • Give yourself some rest and relaxation after the therapy
  • Avoid immediately entering into strenuous activities

If you would like to make a enquiry or book a session please email Quinn@soulintegrity.co.uk

The exchange for a 1.5 hour session is £50.




Email Quinn today to arrange a session


or phone 07542 200553 or 01458 370123

"What you seek is seeking you"