Health Mentoring With Jenny

Jenny would be honoured to collaborate with you to support your exploration towards vibrant health. From experience, Jenny knows that health support is most effective by offering her commitment as a mentor. By connecting with you, acknowledging your journey and striving, holding the vision of your potential, offering knowledge and insights, we can collaborate to unfold a strategic plan to regain ownership and rebuild health, to feel your excitement for life returning. Your body, mind and spirit has the amazing ability to regain homeostasis, we just need to learn and understand how in the unique way for you.

Jenny has witnessed that our ability to unfold our full potential is intricately connected to our level of health. By bringing awareness and using ‘whole person’ thinking, to listen, to be compassionately objective and assist in formulating dynamic solutions, she will support you from the foundation of comprehensive assessment and the ongoing development of a meaningful relationship.

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Included in your two month mentoring programme will be:

  • Pre-mentoring assessment review of shared information, so Jenny can start to understand your situation, commence relevant planning and research
  • Mentoring Agreement for clarity of expectation and peace of mind
  • SEVEN mentoring sessions, via phone, skype or in person (if practical)
    • First session - 2hrs - so we have adequate time for sharing, listening and understanding your past and current situation
    • Second session - 1.5hr a few days later - comprehensive feedback and initial getting your initial plan underway
    • Five (1.5hr) sessions every 7-10 days - scheduled appropriately during the 2-months to make the best use of our time together
  • Email contact and support with Jenny in between sessions
  • Access to a dedicated private mentoring online portal with relevant supportive documents, reference guides and charts....
  • Suggestions for thoroughly researched products, equipment and resources
  • Knowledge, solution finding, teaching and advice specific to your situation so you feel more confident to make decisions and understand
  • Health testing and referrals (additional costs apply)
  • Session preparation and progress review submitted to Jenny to make the most of each session
  • Post session summary, resources and next step support

For investment details and to arrange your Health Mentoring Support please email

Everything about your two month mentoring programme will be tailored to your unique situation, I commit to support a limited group of people at any one time so I can dedicate plenty of research time, and give the care and support you deserve.

Jenny can facilitate additional urine, blood or saliva testing that may give us valuable information. (Testing costs apply)

We can delve into discovering how your genetic predispositions may be expressing, at present, potentially affecting your situation, and the cutting edge understanding of epigenetics can assist us to make a positive difference by harnessing the self repairing ability of the human body, given the right support to thrive. (Additional costs apply)

For a comprehensive approach, we can be guided by the elements in Jenny's framework of support....

Health Wisdom Connection Pathway

  • Element One - Remembering glimpses of your soul - remembering 'why' you deserve to enjoy health
  • Element Two - Exploring and understanding your past - by gaining clarity of our health journey, we can move forward to our future
  • Element Three - Making sense of now - personalised, unique structure, guidance, support, education and encouragement - support through tailor-made practical steps
  • Element Four - Exploring influences, beliefs, labels and patterns - underpinning elements that can hamper our healing
  • Element Five - Seeking support and finding community - creating meaningful and helpful connections
  • Element Six - Gaining knowledge, education and understanding - learning about your body, mind & spirit - resources, learning, courses, events
  • Element Seven - Harnessing your ability to keep walking forward - planning for sustainable, positive future with greater awareness of how to keep healthy

Life can feel incongruent and disconnecting when those around you presume the unwell you is truly you, without seeing the immense distress underneath, striving to find a way through the veil that is curtailing your true personality, and hindering the ability to live the life you would ideally want to be able to. The suppression of our true nature and identification with labels can come at an insidious yet devastating cost, and we often find ourselves feeling so disconnected from who we dream we were supposed to be that we can barely feel what that is anymore.

Compensation for this reality, different coping strategies and decisions made out of balance and distortion create an ever greater spider’s web of discomfort, commonly experienced as health challenges. The management of health that doesn’t address the root imbalance but treats symptoms can be catastrophic, but we often view these choices as normal and inevitable, but is this the best we can do?I have witnessed the vulnerability of not investing time and interest in caring for ourselves, self care is far from selfish, we can only assist others when we care for ourselves.

Jenny will support you to harness the wisdom of choosing to be proactive and assist you to acquire the knowledge and skills to make informed choices for yourself. By taking time to listen and understand, to consider the depths and all aspects of your experience, Jenny can collaborate with you as an individual to understand the lessons and create a plan to be able to move forward.

For investment details and to arrange your Health Mentoring Support please email

Bespoke levels of support available at Jenny's discretion, please contact her to discuss this



Collaborating with Jenny for support does not replace any medical advice. The information we share during sessions, in emails and support material is private, and intended for educational and awareness purposes only. Full responsibility remains with the client for the decisions made about their own health and life. Jenny believes in utilising appropriately valid information, resources and opinion in any circumstance, hence she will continually review the need and suggest referral to other health supporting professionals if indicated.



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