Inspiring Health Wisdom From Within....


Do you feel that you have an important contribution

to make with your life, but are frustrated by your capacity

to move forward due to feeling unwell?

Don't let your health stop you from being who you truly are...

Health challenges can be messages to guide you back to balance


Life can feel incongruent and disconnecting when those around you presume the unwell you is truly you, without seeing the immense distress underneath. Especially when you strive to find a way through the veil that is curtailing the expression of your true personality and hindering your ability to live the life you would ideally be able to.

The suppression of our true nature and identification with labels can come at an insidious yet devastating cost. We can often find ourselves feeling so disconnected from who we are inside, that we can barely feel what that is anymore.

As time goes by, we may apply different coping strategies as compensation for this reality and make imbalanced decisions that create an ever-greater spider’s web of discomfort on all levels of our being.  


Jenny can support you with committed health mentoring.

Drawing from experience of nursing knowledge and
natural health awareness, she can help you craft practical
and realistic solutions unique to your situation so you can
your clear pathway towards 
feeling truly well again.



 "I have witnessed the vulnerability of not investing time and interest in caring for ourselves. Self care is far from selfish. We can only fully assist others when we care for ourselves. I will support you to harness the wisdom of choosing to be proactive and assist you to acquire the knowledge and skills to make more informed choices for yourself. By taking time to listen and understand you, considering the depths and all aspects of your experience, we can collaborate to find a new perspective, shedding fresh light on your circumstances. From there, we can create a plan to be able to move forward together."       Jenny



Soul Integrity has been created especially to support people

who seek to enhance their well-being so they are more able to unfold

their fulfilling, unique contribution in the world.

We'd love to support you!



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