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Sliding Doors - The Roll-on Effect | by Jenny

Do you remember the film ‘Sliding Doors’? The film portrays the life events of a woman from the perspective of catching a train and missing a train. The story shows us the roll-on experience of these two differing events, lived in parallel. In life, we generally only have one chance at making a choice that will affect the next minute, and we have all certainly experienced the impact of choices that were grace-filled and ones that were devastating. We all make choices all the time; we do our best, every minute, every second.

If we consider the possibility that we can create or change the next few minutes which then roll-on to the next day, week, month, year and life, how could we enlist this power to create a more positive experience for ourselves and those we care about? Click here to keep reading


Do we have a life purpose? | by Quinn

This week I thought I'd share my own perspective of what people mean when they say 'life purpose'.

Some people have a deep inner knowing that they have a purpose to live in this life, even if they don't know what it is yet, or there are others that can't really relate to that concept or are just unsure. Neither is right or wrong. Our own unique view on this is very personal and is influenced by the many factors that shape our outlook on life. This diversity could also be viewed as necessary for balance in the world.

Let's look at some ancient traditions from around the world to see what their insights were. Click here to keep reading


Just getting through each day? | by Jenny

Our world can be perceived as a busy, confusing and demanding place.

We are presented with so many more choices, feel expectations and hold commitments than we have time to fully engage in. So easily we can feel overwhelmed. So, how can we regain the feeling of having the space and time to create and enjoy our own life, the way we wish to each day?

You may be familiar with the concept of using the reflection of what appears around each one of us in the world as a tool to understand the nature of our inner environment – a potent tool to explore, for sure. If we feel anxious, do we have the presence to question why, or do we react from that perception. To unravel these reactions we need to place value on spending the time to notice, but why bother?

Click here to learn about the importance of cultivating the ability to respond and not just react in our interactions with others and with ourselves.


Exploring Nourishment | by Jenny

When we truly consider the concept of nourishment - nutrition, food and what we eat, is only a small part.

Each one of us has unique needs and values of what feels nourishing, depending on our life experience, our preferences, our current circumstances and the balances or imbalances that we may be accommodating in our daily lives. Click here to answer insightful questions and learn how we can start to unravel patterns, cycles and habits in order to nourish ourselves from a more wholesome position.



Unravelling suppression to uncover hope | by Jenny

How often do we feel expansive and excited about our day?

Not just because we’re going out for our birthday or to meet our close friend, but just feeling grateful to be alive, to notice all that we have despite our desires for different or more than we have. Do we cherish enjoying our freedom of choice, feeling peaceful, dynamic and confident of being able to handle life, even in the face of challenges? Are we truly active participants in creating our experience for the day ahead?

Many of us live each day, just doing our best, getting through our commitments, managing less than vibrant health and manipulating how we feel to be able to carry on, occasionally noticing happier moments that are shimmers of promise but that fade into ‘normal’ again. Is this acceptance of normal healthy?

We are each owners of miraculous vehicles that carry us through life, enable us to be and do what we wish, in theory. However, without us noticing, despite our best efforts, we very often settle for or experience less. Why is this? A complex conversation... click here to read my thoughts on this big topic.


Why create health? | by Quinn

We’ll introduce the ethos behind our project by answering this simple question….

'Why create health in your life?'

Everyone may have a different way of answering this question from our own unique life perspective.

It doesn't matter whether we’re striving to restore our health, maintain our level of health or enhance our health to the next level to really express our full potential on earth, there are many motivational factors that can be relevant to all of us.

We can consider some of these factors with two further distinctions:

1. Being healthy so we can do the things we'd like to do
2. Being healthy so we can feel the way we'd ideally like to feel

Continue reading to learn more about the special benefit of pursuing vibrant health to be able to create a positive reality and manifest our dreams



The information shared does not replace any medical advice, it is intended for educational and awareness purposes only. Full responsibility remains with each individual for the decisions made about their own health and life.

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