About Jenny

UPDATE: In August 2021, Jenny chose to end her Nursing and Midwifery Council professional nursing registration after 23 years. Upholding fundamental nursing principles, duty of care and offering respectful evidence-based health support remains the core essence in her ongoing, integrity-driven role. Jenny continues to utilise her extensive whole person health knowledge and experience to support, educate and empower the people and colleagues she cares for, as an independent healthcare professional.

Jenny has professionally cared for people all her life, nursing thousands of individuals, in both seriously acute and very chronic situations, in many different environments, enabling her to develop a broad ability to understand, learn from and relate to people from all walks for life. She has concurrently developed her ability to support people as an independent natural health practitioner, assisting many people from an expansive 'whole person' perspective. Jenny appreciates the importance of listening, accepting and encouraging those she supports to hold self-responsibility through empowering knowledge and self-care.


Jenny is passionate to share knowledge and support people to embrace:

  • Truly informed choice in their health decisions
  • The imperative nature of individualised care
  • How vulnerability and fear can be reduced through knowledge and understanding
  • The appropriate use of resources and choices available to us
  • How our health challenges can provide us with the keys and insights to shine light on our unique life purpose
  • How the concept and practice of supporting each other to be our true selves can be beneficial for us all
  • The value of common sense, natural principles and self-care to thrive

Reclaim your well-being to be truly who you are in the world.

Speak with Jenny and explore how you can access
uniquely individual health mentoring support
and replenish all areas of your health and life.

Please send an email to jenny@soulintegrity.co.uk

Jenny's personal journey demanded that she delve deeply into questioning every angle of her conventional knowledge.  She has learnt from the ground up, to understand how far we can move from true health, without knowing or understanding how or why. Not in one movement necessarily, but from the myriad of influences, choices and suppressive elements that insidiously, yet powerfully curtail so many of us.

She has a deep appreciation for the consequences of disconnecting from the natural intelligence that surrounds us. The influence of our education, our beliefs, our labels, our expectations, and our decisions including the powerfully impactful choices made on our behalf before we are old enough to take responsibility for ourselves. Her professional observations and personal experiences have led her to deeply research the beautifully perfect ability our bodies have to self repair and carry us through life, given the respect and care they deserve.

Jenny’s professional achievements include:

  • Several years of Independent Nursing Practice
  • Registered Nurse (Adult) 1998 - 2021
  • BSc(Hons) Professional Practice in Critical Care with 1st Class Honours in 2002
  • Nurse Mentorship, Advanced Life Support and In-flight Nursing Qualifications
  • Years of conventional nursing/medical chronic and acute disease management knowledge, experience and education
  • Diploma in Cellular Awakening at College of Natural Nutrition
  • Period of study with College of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Raw & Living Food Nutrition Certification
  • Health & Nutrition Community Advisor
  • Raw Food Coach Certification
  • Live Blood Microscopy and Terrain Theory Training (Dip) & Teacher in UK, Online and Canada
  • Member of Society of Naturopaths

Thousands of hours of independent study, research and personal experiential learning for 15 years in natural health, spiritual development and deepening knowledge from countless experienced health professionals, thought leaders and cutting edge teachers.

Jenny’s areas of extra special interest are:

  • exploring the potential impact of suppressive intervention and decisions at the physical, emotional and societal levels
  • informed consent, health freedom, authority hierarchy and holding our own self responsibility
  • the complexity of the gut:brain connection
  • immune suppression, metabolic, digestive, endocrine and nervous system health
  • heavy metal accumulation
  • the fundamental and crucial importance of our nutrition and the far reaching impact of compromise in this nourishment
  • naturopathic theory and detoxification techniques
  • the vaccination paradigm
  • pre-conceptual and peri-natal health
  • genetics and the fascinating study of epigenetic and trans-generational influences
  • the deepest wisdom from ancient healing modalities
  • energy medicine and quantum technology

Jenny embraces the importance of spiritual health and forgiveness, self responsibility, boundaries within relationships, and the interplay of the energetic unseen world that surrounds our physical form. Reconnecting with our intuition, our guidance and core strength is an important key. She appreciates that our life-long path towards the essence of our true nature is our own journey and to find our unique resolution requires immense bravery to face all those decisions, issues and events that culminated in our current situation.

Jenny offers her expertise in a uniquely supportive way, within a comprehensive health mentoring relationship as a knowledgeable companion alongside each individual. She skilfully weaves her knowledge with intuition, to uniquely support and encourage understanding, self-empowerment and solutions, as she guides each person to unravel their health challenges. Jenny always matches the commitment of those she is privileged to assist and she has created her signature framework the ‘Health Wisdom Connection Pathway’ as guide for this service. To learn more about how Jenny would be honoured to support you visit HERE

"You deserve to feel peace in your heart
and enjoy your best experience of health in this lifetime.

I'd be honoured to support you along this path." Jenny