Health Mentoring With Jenny

Jenny would be honoured to collaborate with you to support your exploration towards vibrant health.

From experience, Jenny knows that health support is most effective by offering her commitment as a mentor. By connecting with you, acknowledging your journey and striving, holding the vision of your potential, offering knowledge and insights, we can collaborate to unfold a strategic plan to regain ownership and rebuild health, to feel your excitement for life returning. Your body, mind and spirit has the amazing ability to regain homeostasis, we just need to learn and understand how in the unique way for you.

Jenny has witnessed that our ability to unfold our full potential is intricately connected to our level of health. By bringing awareness and using ‘whole person’ thinking, to listen, to be compassionately objective and assist in formulating dynamic solutions, she will support you from the foundation of comprehensive assessment and the ongoing development of a meaningful relationship.


Health Mentoring is a two-step process:

Step One: Explore Your Health Session

  • First session (2hrs) is our initial commitment to spend time together. We will:
    • Start to get to know each other
    • Review shared information and a thorough assessment of your past and current life circumstances
    • Start to share understanding and formulate a plan for a full health mentoring commitment period of support
  • Comprehensive feedback presented in the private client log area after our session

Step Two: Three Month Health Mentoring Commitment

  • SEVEN mentoring sessions, via phone, skype or in person (if practical)
    • First session (Explore Your Health Session) - 2hrs - see above
    • Six (1.5hr) sessions every fortnight - scheduled appropriately during the three months to make the best use of our time together

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Everything about your three month mentoring programme will be tailored to your unique situation, I commit to support a limited group of people at any one time so I can dedicate plenty of research time, and give the care and support you deserve.


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Bespoke levels of support available at Jenny's discretion,
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Collaborating with Jenny for support does not replace any medical advice. The information we share during sessions, in emails and support material is private, and intended for educational and awareness purposes only. Full responsibility remains with the client for the decisions made about their own health and life. Jenny believes in utilising appropriately valid information, resources and opinion in any circumstance, hence she will continually review the need and suggest referral to other health supporting professionals if indicated.


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